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  1. Nissan Z Concept To Debut This Fall! 500+ HP Hybrid Z May Be In The Works

    Isn't being tight-lipped a good thing?
  2. Nissan Z35 Photoshops

    This my favorite rendering so far, and really the first to address the complaints about the Z34 looking "bloated". Opening up the greenhouse will go a long way to making the car look lighter and sleeker. I'm definitely not a fan of the chopped/blunt nose and tail treatments. I want it to look...
  3. Tranmissions?

    Definitely a DCT; I have the same transmission in my GLA250. I actually find it a bit clunky and not as smooth as the 7-AT I had in my Z. I'm anxious to see the Z35, and hope it's available with a manual transmission as that's what I missed in my Z. I've driven a GT-R and found that...